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November 29th, 2006

Essex Corp Volume Jumps 250%

Shares of Essex Corp.(KEYW) rose more than 1% on Tuesday as volume spiked 250% above the 3-month daily average.

There were no significant news releases or other significant events that could be detected.

Essex Copr provides signal processing, image processing, information processing, information assurance, and engineering innovations for the U.S. Government intelligence and defense customers.

The $500 million company holds $20 million in cash with only $84 thousand in debt as last reported by Yahoo!Finance.

Both revenues and net earnings have seen tremendous growth over the last few years.

Shares of Essex closed at $24.01, less than 1% away from the 52-week high of $24.22 reached on the same day.

Essex Corp. has made VSI’s Watch List.


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