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OPTIONS SPIKE: Anheuser-Busch (BUD)

Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. (NYSE: BUD) is suddenly seeing some unusual options activity in late morning trade.  We saw some elevated trading earlier but over the last 90 minutes the trading in current run JUNE 2008 call options volume is running.  It isn’t highly unexpected considering all of the InBev rumors that have been ongoing regarding [...]

Volume Alert: Harris Corp. (HRS)

Harris Corp. (NYSE: HRS) has already traded 150% of its average daily volume in just an hour since the open.  Average volume is 1.14 million shares and it has already printed 1.85 million shares. The 5% rise to $65.30 is fairly easy to fathom since there are numerous reports that the company is entertaining suitors [...]

J. Crew Volume Surge: Sellers Meet Bottom Fishers (JCG)

Shares of J. Crew Group, Inc. (NYSE: JCG) have already almost tripled their normal trading volume.  An average day is 1.46 million shares, and we are already at about 4.1 million shares in only 20 minutes. Last night, the company beat earnings but its guidance was dismal and completely caught everyone off guard. $40.00 had [...]

Marvell Technology (MRVL) Rockets On 10 Million Shares In 10 Minutes

Marvell Technology (MRVL) had better-than-expected earnings. Shares spiked up 22% in the first ten minutes and over ten million shares changed hands. Normal daily volume for MRVL is 14 million shares. The stock was at $19.09 at 9.45 AM. JP Morgan and Oppenheimer upgraded the company after numbers hit. Net revenue for the first quarter [...]

JetBlue (JBLU) Collapses On Heavy Volume

JetBlue (JBLU) hit a 52-week low of $3.90 on massive volume. Its period high is $11.99. The company traded four million shares in the first five minutes of trading. JBLU put out the pricing of its previously announced public offering of 5.5% Convertible Debentures due 2038. The offering size was increased from $160 million to [...]

Options Volume Spike: BCE (BCE)

There has been some highly unusual options activity today in BCE, Inc. (NYSE: BCE).  Not only that, but it is for current run expiration dates on the puts and calls in June 2008 (expire June 20). We have seen over 20,000 contracts trade in both the $35.00 June Calls and Puts today, so someone is [...]

Severe Volume Spike: Alfacell Implosion (ACEL)

Alfacell Corporation (NASDAQ: ACEL) is down some 55% today and has traded as low as $0.70 in early morning trade. Its 52-week high was $2.88, and the 52-week low before today was $1.45. The company’s average trading volume each day was about 121,000 shares.  It is at more than 1.4 million shares today and we [...]

Akeena Passes Daily Volume in Near Record Time (AKNS)

Akeena Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: AKNS) has already passed its average daily trading volume this morning, only about 35 minutes into the trading day.  At $6.59 at 10:05AM EST this stock is up $0.70 or almost 12%.  It has also traded 1,650,154 shares and that is compared to an average daily trading volume of about 1.18 [...]

Standard Pacific Setting Record Trading Volume (SPF)

Standard Pacific Corp. (NYSE: SPF) is almost 50% today on about 5-times normal volume.  In fact, its traded nearly 20,000,000 million shares.  This is one of the home builders that was on the organ transplant list and it finally got some good news today after securing a $530 million from MatlinPatterson Global Advisers.  The investment [...]

Exponential Volume Spike: Favrille (FVRL)

Favrille, Inc. (NASDAQ: FVRL) is seeing a significant and exponential jump in its trading volume today, and for good reason…. well, a bad reason.  The company trades only an average of close to 70,000 shares per day and it has seen almost 4 million shares from early trading and pre-market activity in less than 20 [...]