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June 27th, 2008

There has been a pick up in trading activity of general Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM) this afternoon via the put and call and options.

The JULY08 $15.00 CALL and $15.00 PUT strikes have seen a sudden pick up:
$15.00 CALLS saw    14,095 contracts trade and the open interest was 28,681 before today.
$15.00 PUTS saw 14,162 contracts trade and the open interest was 28,978 before today.

Elsewhere we have seen in the AUG08 $12.50 CALLS some 2,783 contracts traded, and the open interest before today was 4,384 contracts.

As of 2:38 PM EST we have seen GM stock up 1.2% after a miserable week with the last print at $11.57.

Jon Ogg
June 27, 2008

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