Price/Volume Surge: Radian (RDN)

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November 5th, 2008

Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN) is surging after the company posted a strong earnings report.  This is up the most on the NYSE out of the stocks that are actively traded with shares up almost 30% at $4.50 on almost 1,100,000 shares as of 9:40 AM EST.

This trades an average of 4.3 million shares.  The company posted a surprise earnings of $0.46 EPS on $418.7 million in revenues, although it appears this was after items as these are far greater than the losses expected and far above the $347+ million expected in revenues.

Credit-related insurance coverage doing well…. in this market.  Go figure.  Its 52-week trading range is $0.70 to $14.46, but this was a $40+ stock last year before the you know what hit the fan.

November 5, 2008

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