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Solar Stocks, Major Volume on Analyst Calls (ASTI, ENER, FSLR, SOLF, STP, YGE)

Today’s downgrades took a toll on the solar sector.  We saw a serious rise in volume as prices tanked and many of these never showed any real recovery throughout the day as investors grow more and more concerned that the solar energy trade is just not a beneficial one even if oil continues its rise…. [...]

Bullish Options Trading in Jacobs Engineering (JEC)

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. (NYSE: JEC) October $50 calls are seeing some bullish action after lots of 1,000 and 1,500 are bought.  There have been some rumors in the past that JEC could be an acquisition target with ABB Ltd. as a potential buyer.  Shares are breaking out today with the broader markets and it [...]

Sinclair Broadcast Sees Exponential Volume Alert (SBGI)

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SBGI) is seeing a volume surge, as well as a price surge, on its debt news.  The ad-troubled company has reached a deal to pay off around $438 million in convertible notes with new debt with a committee representing some holders of convertible senior notes due in May-2010 and January-2011. [...]

Repros Volume Goes Exponential (RPRX)

Repros Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: RPRX) has just gone exponential on its trading volume and the prices are running massively higher in percentage terms.  As of 10:10 AM EST we have shares up 95% at $1.37 on over 2.4 million shares and that compares to 630,000 shares on average.  This stock has been destroyed lately as [...]

Intuit Throws a Volume Flag (INTU)

INTUIT INC. (NASDAQ: INTU) just gave a serious volume alert for traders this morning.  As of 9:42 AM ES we have shares down 8.9% at $28.12, but more importantly we have seen over 1.85 million shares trade hands.  This is on the heels of last night’s earnings, but that is over 50% of an average [...]

Brocade Getting Broken (BRCD)

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRCD) is trading lower after it beat earnings estimates at $0.12 EPS vs. $0.11 estimates, but $493.3 million in revenues was lighten than expected.  The CEO said that predicting a recovery is like grabbing water… Sometimes saying less is better than more…. At 8:47 AM EST we have seen 1.6 [...] Continues Its Surge (CRM) Inc. (NYSE: CRM) was up over 8% at $50.02 at the closing of the after-hours session last night, but that was on a post-close volume of 885,000 shares. As of 8:40 AM EST this morning we have seen right at 60,000 shares having traded hands, but shares are even higher at $50.75. Its average [...]

Fannie & Freddie… Sitting in a Tree (FNM, FRE)

We are seeing unusual trading in both Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM) and in Freddia Mac (NYSE: FRE) early this morning.  This is ahead of existing home sales data and ahead of Bernanke’s speech this morning in Jackson Hole.  At 8:32 AM EST we have Fannie Mae up almost 7% at $1.17 on over 4.1 million [...]

SIRIUS XM Day-Two Volume Mover (SIRI)

SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) is seeing a day-two run over word of a docking station for iPhones or iPods.  Details are still not cleatr but this had shares running higher by more than 10% yesterday on more than 2-X volume.  This morning we have shares at 8:30 AM EST trading up 7% at [...]