AIG Keeps Running (AIG)

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August 28th, 2009

American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG) is seeing the run continue. Either its new CEO Benmosche is a demi-god, or the euphoria of the bull market and eight straight days of rallies are getting to traders. The news this morning has teh Taiwan unit sale valued around $2 billion. There is continued hope here that Hank Greenberg will return as a presence in teh company, although not as CEO. We have AIG shares having traded 2 million shares as of 8:32 AM EST and the stock is up another 9.9% at $52.58. It seems that owing $170 billion to Uncle Sam never felt so darned good…. Unfortunately, there is nothing more to add. This is called bull market trading at its finest… JON OGG

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