Price/Volume Alert: RINO International (RINO)

Posted in pre-market 
August 11th, 2009

RINO International Corporation (NASDAQ: RINO) is a bit thin this morning but was very active in the after-hours session Monday.  Last night it traded almost 240,000 shares and went out down over 16% at $13.96.  This morning we have seen 25,000 shares trade as of 8:39 AM EST and we have shares down 17.5% at $13.81.  The volume is still only 25,000 shares but if you add up last night and this pre-market session it is already above the 210,000 average daily volume.

RINO designs, manufactures, installs and services proprietary and patented wastewater treatment, desulphurization equipment, and high temperature anti-oxidation systems for iron and steel manufacturers in the People’s Republic of China. It reported yesterday a 17.6% sales gain to $40.7 million and an 85% gain in EPS to $0.39.


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