Unusual Options Trading in Rockwell Medical Technologies (RMTI)

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August 17th, 2009

Rockwell Medical Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: RMTI)  seeing unusual options volume as 1,801 February $10 calls trade versus OI of 10, with buyers leading the way in multiple large lots, as shares trade for $8.77.  RMTI is in the process of Phase 2b studies for its iron replacement therapy for dialysis patients, calles SFP for short.  Results are exxpected in Q1 of 2010, likely the reason for using February calls in this trade.  Phase 3 is expected to start in Q4 of this year, and some Phase 2b data should be released by the end of September.  The volume is 500X the average call volume for Rockwell.

JOE KUNKLE, OptionsHawk.com

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