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US Dollar Alert: UUP Call Options Blowing Up (UUP)

US Dollar Bullish Index (NYSE: UUP) has gne very active…. It has traded 109,000 calls early on with huge buying at November $23, 96% bought offer side, and already nearly 10X average call volume.  The action comes ahead of the FOMC decision which will be a USD moving event, and this action is looking for [...]

American Capital, Screaming Eagle (ACAS)

American Capital, Ltd. (NASDAQ: ACAS) gained 18% to $3.20 in pre-market as one of the large percentage gainers.  We have seen some 375,000 shares as of 8:46 AM EST and the average volume is 6.2 million shares.  The news was that it lost -$0.13 in non-GAAP EPS and had a net income of $0.12 EPS.  [...]

Garmin Snap-Back (GRMN)

Garmin Ltd. (GRMN) Is seeing a recovery snap-back rally this morning on its earnings the week after the Google Navigation launch.  The company posted $1.02 EPS and $781 million in revenues with improved margins.  Sales were up 17% sequentially but were down 10% from a year ago.  We had estimates at $0.69 EPS and aboiut [...]

AMBAC Explodes (ABK)

Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: ABK) reported net income of $2.188 billion, or $7.58 EPS over last year’s net loss of $2.43 billion or -$8.45 EPS.  Obviously this figure reflect significant unrealized mark-to-market gains.  The gains listed were in the credit derivatives portfolio and from reinsurance cancellations during the quarter.  Net premiums earned for the [...]

Vonage Diver-Down (VG)

Vonage Holdings Corporation (NYSE: VG) is getting hit hard after posting a loss of -$0.33 EPS on revenues of $221.5 million.  It actually had non-GAAP earnings that were positive at $0.03 EPS and average revenue per user was $29.89.  Subscriber line acquisition cost was $301 compared to $272 in the prior year and down from [...]

STEC Getting Slammed (STEC)

STEC, Inc. (NASDAQ: STEC) is getting whacked in early trading.  Last night it warned about earnings and gave an EMC inventory warning as EMC is carrying inventory rather than poutting in new orders.  Shares fell 33% last night initially and was very active in after-hours trading.  STEC has traded 326,000 shares as of 8:11 AM [...]