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Hovnanian Still Stinking (HOV)

Hovnanian Enterprises Inc. (NYSE: HOV) is getting clipped in after-hours trading after its earnings release, although not as hard as it had been earlier in the after-hours session.  Shares closed up 11% at $4.23 on stronger housing starts, but shares are down 6% at $3.97 as of 4:50 PM EST. Revenue was down almost 40% [...]

Conseco Secondary Hits After-Hours (CNO)

Conseco, Inc. (NYSE: CNO) is holding up fairly well on a discounted secondary offering price.  The company priced its public secondary offering of 45,000,000 shares of common stock at $4.75 per share to raise approximately $202.4 million.  It will use $150 million plus 50% of the net proceeds in excess of $200 million to repay [...]

Cedar Fair Getting LBO? (FUN)

Cedar Fair LP (NYSE: FUN) is surging in the after-hours session.  The WSJ reported originally that Cedar Fair may be acquired by Apollo Management in a leveraged buyout for about $700 million and with about $1.6 billion debt assumption in the coming days if there are no last minute issues.  Shares closed up 0.8% at [...]

Citigroup Giving It Up Further (C)

Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) is getting blasted in after-hours trading.  Citi closed down over 3% at $ $3.45 on the day in regular trading, and (update at 6:02 PM EST) shares are down 5.2% at $3.26 PRIOR was shares are down 2.9% at $3.35 on 84,880,018 shares traded since the closing bell alone.  Citi was [...]

First Solar Leads Solar Stocks Higher (FSLR, ENER, JASO, SPWRA, CSIQ)

First Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: FSLR) closed at $136.74, down over 1% in regular trading.  The company gave mixed guidance for all of 2010 that is actually being well received by the after-hours trading session.  UPDATE: at 5:57 PM EST we have shares now up only 2.75% at $140.50 (at 4:43 PM EST we had shares [...]

Delta Petroleum Trying for Day-3 Rally (DPTR)

Delta Petroleum Corp. (NASDAQ: DPTR) is no stranger to cult stock moves if you followed it through the energy price bubble from 2007 to 2008.  Shares went over $20.00 in 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Now they sit at a mere $1.17, but that is after a 10% gain as of 8:38 AM EST on over [...]

Playboy’s Bunny Gets Cooked (PLA, ICON)

Playboy Enterprises Inc. (NYSE: PLA) appears to have fallen off the apple cart of merger candidates in old media.  The deal to save the declining Bunny empire appears to have fallen apart on reports that Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICON) has terminated discussions over a merger.  The end to the Iconix negotiations leaves Hugh [...]

GigaMedia Recovering on Pact (GIGM)

GigaMedia Ltd. (NASDAQ: GIGM) is surging this morning after the company announced a strategic alliance with European online gambling player Mangas Gaming.  Shares are up 10% at $4.17 on 150,000 shares as of 7:42 AM EST. This stock is actually closer to lows than highs as its 52-week trading range is $3.49 to $7.73.  Average [...]

Achillion, Next Biotech Land Rush Stock (ACHN)

Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACHN) is one of the biggest percentage gainers if not the biggest this morning as investors and traders keep looking for those exponential gainers in low-priced small-cap biotech shares.  The stock late yesterday reported “proof of concept data” from the preliminary results of its phase 1b clinical trial of ACH-1625.  This [...]

FGX Low-Premium Buyout (FGXI)

FGX International Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: FGXI) is another previously unknown stock to many traders, but the company is being acquired by Essilor for $465 million, which comes to $19.75 per share in cash.  Need say no more, other than that this seems to be a low premium buyout.  Shares closed at $17.91 yesterday and the [...]