OSI Systems Tries For Day Three Run (OSIS)

Posted in pre-market 
December 30th, 2009

OSI Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSIS) is trading up again as speculators and traders continue to bet that it will see a rise in airport security systems orders after the failed Christmas underwear bomber attack that was meant to bring down a Northwest Airline flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.  Shares were right around $22.00 before the holiday, then closed at $24.47 on 778,800 shares Monday and then closed at $25.06 on 768,400 shares on Tuesday.  Shares are indicated up 6% more at $26.58 at 8:39 AM EST on 85,000 shares already traded.  Average volume is only 122,000 shares and the 52-week trading range WAS $11.01 to $25.64.


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