Apple Preview… Stock/Options Volume Spike (AAPL)

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January 25th, 2010

Apple  Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) reports after today’s close and this will be the highlight of the earnings after Monday’s closing bell.  Thomson Reuters has estimates pegged at $2.07 EPS (non-GAAP of course) and revenues of $12.06 billion…  Whispers are significantly higher.  Analysts are close to $240 in price targets, options traders are braced for a move of more than $10 and the chart is giving some very mixed notions in either direction.  We have a very detailed and much more expanded preview posted over at showing future growth expectations,  past guidance, comparable margin data, and far more details on options and open interest, the charts, more analyst data, competing firm data, and more.

At 12:45 PM EST we have shares up 2.2% at $202.51 on 17.2 million shares.  The average daily volume is 18.2 million shares, so we should hit 150% of normal trading volume if today’s volume holds up.  As a note, this one traded over 20 million shares each day last week and Friday was more than 31 million shares.

In options we have now seen over 71,000 of the active call options trade with a FEB-2010 expiration, while we have seen 57,000 contracts trade of the PUTS for FEB-2010 expiration.

Want the full run-down of analyst calls and post-earnings takes tonight and tomorrow?  Visit our sub-site that aggregates all Apple-related stories with a headline and link to each story out there on Apple at WWW.APPLEFINANCIALNEWS.COM to bookmark.


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