A Muted Goldman Day Two, So Far (GS)

Posted in pre-market 
April 19th, 2010

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) is looking to be rather dull in comparison to what we saw on Friday.  Friday’s 12.8% drop to $160.90 is being followed up by a 1.2% drop to $158.70 on 655,000 shares as of 8:54 AM EST.  This one traded over 100 million shares on Friday, something not seen on a single trading day since September 2008.  The stock was removed from the Top Picks List at FBR in a research call this morning.  The story dominated every major newspaper front page headlines over the weekend and continued to be the talk of Main Street.  Friday after the closing bell, Goldman Sachs issued a detail of what its side of the story was.  The only surprise is that the move up or down is not more than 1%.  The move may come later today, but you know that the volatility here is going to be elevated for some time now.


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