Dendreon Stock/Option Volume Analysis (DNDN)

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April 30th, 2010

By now you know the news for Dendreon Corporation (NASDAQ: DNDN).  It turns out that the pre-event snapshot gave a very close and accurate read on what to expect from the volatility trade in options ahead of PROVENGE getting FDA approval.

And this morning shares hit yet a new high of $55.00.  At 10:50 AM EST we have shares up 9.05% at $54.72 on 18 million shares of common stock having traded hands.  That is 4-times normal volume and this should put DNDN on track to trade even more shares this Friday than it did yesterday when it traded 30,615,100 for a $50.18 close.  The closing bell the day before was $39.62.

We have also seen almost 60,000 CALL options trade today in the May-2010 expirations.

Dendreon traded 31 million shares on March 2, but this was only a $33.26 stock at the time. Then there is the point where Dendreon turned the corner last year:

  • April 29… 48,319,000 shares to close at $22.94.
  • April 28… 33,026,400 shares to close at $11.81.

Then there was April 14 when 65,410,500 shares traded for a close of $16.99 versus a $17.30 close the day before.

The last time for 30+ million before then was October 6, 2008, when 35,721,400 shares traded for a close of $6.93.

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