Safe Smoking Trades Up… Today (CIGX)

Posted in pre-market 
April 8th, 2010

Star Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ: CIGX) is this morning’s top volume stock in pore-market trading after having been active for days.  At 8:20 AM EST we have shares up 18.5% at $2.94 on 635,455 shares in pre-market trading.  As a reminder, this is the one which has the curing technology that is said to prevent the formation of carcinogenic toxins present in tobacco and tobacco smoke.  UPDATE AT 9:14 AM Shares are up 14% at $2.83 on over 1.4 million shares.

To show how volatile this is of late, here are the last 5-days of trading:

  • 24,365,500.. $2.48
  • 8,539,000… $2.95
  • 2,697,700… $2.83
  • 3,656,700… $2.72
  • 4,740,600… $2.55


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