Elevated Trading in Rambus Options (RMBS)

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July 26th, 2010

Is Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS) going to see a resolution to its never-ending patent case sooner than many of us expect?  Options trading is elevated today, and mostly in the Call options rather than the Put options.  Almost all of the activity is in the AUG-2010 Calls as well, at least two to one in favor of the Calls as of 2:00 PM.  There has also been no rolling out on dates that has been seen.

Below is the trading activity we have seen:

Strike Volume Op.Int.
$19.00 1,184 13,443
$20.00 2,002 6,862
$21.00 1,111 4,839
$22.00 2,272 2,955
$23.00 539 2,563
$24.00 1,964 2,497
$25.00 631 8,102
Total: 9,703 41,261

As far as the stock volume rather than options volume, shares are up 4.2% at $19.79 on just over 2.3 million shares.  That volume is just now reaching an average day’s trading volume in the stock and the 52-week range is $15.21 to $26.00.

Usually the call options trade around 2,000 contracts on a light day and closer to 5,000 on a normal day.  This implies that more focus is being put in the options arena than the stock arena today.


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