Options Explosion in H-P (HPQ)

Posted in Options 
August 9th, 2010

Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ) was one we knew that there was going to be a massive volume spike in today when it came to the stock.  Rather than almost 20 million shares in a day, we have seen over 108 million shares trade hands.  The stock is lower by 6.7% at $42.90 after hitting 52-week lows in the Friday evening after-hours session.

What is also standing out is major put and call option trading.   It is not even NOON EST yet and we have seen over 30,000 CALLS in AUG-2010 and over 20,000 PUTS in AUG-2010 trade hands.  For September-2010 we have also just gone above the 30,000 contract mark for the CALLS and over 23,000 contracts trade in the PUTS.

So far the trading in the JAN-2011 options have seen much more trading volume in the PUTS versus the CALLS: over 12,000 PUTS versus only about 6,000 CALLS.


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