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TiVo Score on Patent (TIVO)

TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO) just saw a major volume spike on a press release that it has won a patent ruling from the US Patent & Trademark Office. TiVo shares had been trading close to $9.50 but the stock is now up11% at $10.21 and the pop after the news release did have an intraday [...] Investors Hitting Exit Doors (CRM) Inc. (NASDAQ: CRM) is getting pounded.  Maybe this is tied to Equinix and Autonomy, or maybe it is just based on exiting high-multiple and high-beta stocks.  Either way, money is coming out in droves. At 12:42 PM EST we have shares down a sharp 9.4% at $103.20 on more than 5.8 million shares.  Average [...]