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Huge Volume Spike in LED Stocks: It Looks Real This Time (CREE, VECO, AIXG)

On Friday there was explosive volume in the LED stocks on news that China is going to be phasing out larger incandescent bulbs over the next year and smaller bulbs over the next three years.  The volume was three-times and four-times normal in many of these stocks.  What is different about the news is that [...]

Huge Volume Spikes from Egypt & Region (APA, EGPT, AFK, FFD, TUR, TKF, ISL, EIS, GAF)

We won’t bother telling you what has been going on in Egypt. You’ve seen the news and it isn’t pretty with the riots and the protests.  What is standing out is some severe volume spikes in what are otherwise less thought of stocks and trading instruments. Apache Corp. (NYSE: APA) is down another 1.1% at [...]

Interchange Fee Proposals Cause Exponential Volume Spikes (MA, V)

Proposed change to Interchange Fees from the Fed is causing an exponential volume spike in shares of Visa, Inc. (NYSE: V) and Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE: MA).  It took a while for the exponential volume spikes to appear but appear they did. At 3:24 PM EST we now have over 37 million shares of Visa traded [...]

SIRIUS Volume Almost Double in First Hour Alone (SIRI)

By now you already know that Howard Stern has announced that he is sticking with SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) in a new 5-year deal.  What is interesting is how much trading has gone into the news this morning.  It is almost an hour into the trading day and SIRIUS shares are already approaching [...]

Dendreon Stock/Option Volume Analysis (DNDN)

By now you know the news for Dendreon Corporation (NASDAQ: DNDN).  It turns out that the pre-event snapshot gave a very close and accurate read on what to expect from the volatility trade in options ahead of PROVENGE getting FDA approval. And this morning shares hit yet a new high of $55.00.  At 10:50 AM [...]

Citigroup’s 1 Billion Shares (C)

At NOON EST, Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) is already over 1 Billion shares traded…. We have seen 1,047,519,334 for a 4.15% at $4.75 as of 12:07 PM EST. The last 3 days volume is listed as follows: 1,861,507,200 1,534,024,800 1,035,775,400 Then there the four days in March from the 9th to the 12th: 1,277,886,800 1,189,846,200 [...]

Goldman Sachs Options Records (GS)

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) saw major volume, of course, on all the news on Friday.  What we wanted to look at was the options activity in our weekend reviews, and the volume was massive.  The stock itself traded 102 million shares on the day it fell 12.8% at $160.70. The last time we [...]

FAS/FAZ Seeing Record 2010 Trading Volume (FAS, FAZ, GS)

You know the news on Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) today about being charged with civil fraud by the SEC over its role in some mortgage derivatives.  We won’t bother telling you that GS is down over 10% at $164.37 (-10.8%) on 75,000,000 shares as of 2:10 PM EST.  What is more important is [...]

Stock/Option Explosion: The GE Breakout on 52-Week Highs (GE)

General Electric Co. (GE) is seeing a break-out.  Yesterday it was Goldman Sachs, today JPMorgan helping with comments on the conglomerate.  The prior 52-week high was $17.52 that was hit back on September 19 2009 after it went ex-dividend.  This morning shares opened up at $17.49 after a $17.29 close on Monday.  Now shares are [...]

DryShips… Rumors of a Rumor (DRYS)

DryShips, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRYS) has seen more than its fair share of trading today.  The afternoon chatter is ‘buyout rumors’ but these sound more like BS than real meat. ran the buyout rumor piece today, and we have seen Indie Research cover the rumor and then Barron’s cover it in all but an outright [...]