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Option Expiration’s Largest Open Interest Contracts (GE, MSFT, PFE, INTC, YHOO, CSCO, WFC, SPY, QQQQ, FXI, XLK, XHB)

Today marks the January 2011 options expiration date. There are many active options expiring, and the reason these are so large is because many are LEAPS rather than just normal monthly options.  The old rule of thumb is that options tend to drift toward their closest and most active options contract strike prices.  We identified [...]

UUP Dilemma… Will Dollar Volume Hold? (UUP, SPY, QQQQ)

This weekend’s review of options and volume movers on Friday yielded a highly unusual alert.  The PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish (NYSE: UUP) has never been covered by us on the “volume spike” aspect, mainly because of the notion that ETFs of this aspect is too broad-based to normally be noticed.  It would almost [...]